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About us

Yallambee is a well-established provider of residential aged care and independent living accommodation to the people of Traralgon.

A not-for-profit organisation, we have grown in response to the culture and needs of local people. Conveniently located near popular amenities and advanced health facilities, our spacious village blends seamlessly into the local area. Residents enjoy the best of local life.

Providing high quality care that seeks to get the very best out of people, we take the time to listen to each individual and understand what really matters to them. Our door is always open to provide support and guidance to families at each step of the aged care journey.

Yallambee. Live at ease.


Our Vision

Yallambee …the most trusted aged care and health care provider, enabling people to live well and live at ease.

Our Mission

Yallambee …researching, developing and delivering an innovative range of high quality aged care and health care services.

Our Values

Dignity & Quality Of Life: We will act with dignity and enhance each customers quality of life and independence; based on a culture of exemplary service delivery.

Truth & Honesty: Individuals, teams and the organisation will act truthfully and honestly; supporting objective discussions and timely decisions.

Integrity & Reliability: The Directors, Chief Executive Officer, managers, staff and volunteers will, at all times, act with integrity and reliability; ensuring Yallambee is widely known for its competence and professionalism.

Compassion & Care: We will act with compassion and care; fostering links with each customers family or friends, treating each customers choices with empathy and understanding, and providing them with opportunities for personal expression.

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