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COVID-19 Noticeboard

This page was last updated at 4PM on the 31st of July 2020.

Restricted Visiting

Please note, as of the 23rd of July, increased restrictions apply to visiting at Margery Cole. Please refer to the correspondence issued below for further information on this and on updates to the conditions of entry.

Any questions on this can be raised via Reception on (03) 5132 3500.

End of Life visits will continue to take place for family members, they will be limited to two visitors at a time with no limit on time spent with their loved one. We will request that PPE is worn for all visitors and strict hand hygiene, social distancing and respiratory etiquette observed at all times.

These visits will be coordinated with families via the Unit Coordinator/Registered Nurse and our Reception Team.

Internal Lockdown

As of the 30th of July, the Outbreak Management Team have now implemented further restrictions within our home by restricting the movement of residents between houses. Residents can move freely within their own house but will no longer be able to move across other areas or visit other residents living in other houses within Margery Cole.

All SUSPECTED CASES (residents who show any symptoms are required to be tested for COVID-19, no matter how mild) are cared for as if they were positive, until we have received a NEGATIVE result. Outbreak Management precautions apply with residents isolated in their rooms with nursing staff allocated to their care and full PPE worn by staff at all times. Additional measures will also be instigated to ensure we are well prepared should a positive result be returned.

All clinical and non-clinical staff will be allocated to the same area while working consecutive shifts, if unable due to staffing mix a second house only may be allocated.

Unit Coordinators and Nurses will ensure that any current resident that leaves the facility or new residents that enter the facility are aware that a 14 DAY ISOLATION PERIOD WITHIN THEIR ROOM APPLIES.  Residents who have pre-booked medical appointments or are taken to hospital must be informed and/ or their nominated representative must be informed via telephone of the isolation requirements.

Residents will be granted permission, under supervision, to seek fresh air outside of building if they wear a mask and have no contact with other residents


During this time we encourage you to maintain regular communication with your friends and loved ones.

Beyond video calls, you can also:

We ask all family and friends of our residents to respect our restrictions and refrain from gathering at our external fences, requesting residents to meet them outside to wave and chat or even pass deliveries through or over fence. At this time when we have community transmission within our local area the potential contact places our residents at risk. We have also had a resident fall after going outside the building unsupervised to chat over the fence with a family member.

We also ask families and friends to understand that we can only discuss the health of our residents with their nominated representative. The volume of phone calls making general enquires has increased significantly and we want to give you as much information as possible but our Nursing team will only be available to answer calls from the nominated representatives.

Video Calling

Video calls can be booked by calling through to Lifestyle & Wellbeing on (03) 5132 3514 during business hours. The team will walk you through the process of connecting, either by Facebook Messenger or Zoom Meetings, and book in an available time with you.

Window Visiting

To undertake window visits we are required to screen all visitors who enter our property, this includes the grounds.

We are unable to accommodate window visits at this stage, and request your support to utilise the option of video calling. This will continue to be booked directly through Lifestyle and Wellbeing on (03) 5132 3514 or info@yallambee.com.au.

Those families that wish to request a compassionate visit please do so via info@yallambee.com.au

Other Pertinent Updates

Management Team

We will be splitting our senior staff into teams from 31 July 2020 to protect our organisation and ensure continuity of our business. We can’t risk the loss of our entire leadership team in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore we will be setting up an Office Hub onsite within the Village in which half of our team will work to oversee the management of the business, while the other team will remain onsite in Margery Cole to manage the day to day operations.

We will provide further information around what will happen and the communication you can expect in the event of a COVID-19 Outbreak within Margery Cole Residential Aged Care Service.

Arrangements for End of Life

Upon the death of a resident the family will be able to attend the room whilst your loved one remains within our home.

Following the death of a resident the UNIT COORDINATOR OR REGISTERED NURSE will contact the family or nominated resident to discuss the packing up of the room. Pack up will be undertaken by our direct care staff and we will arrange a time for pick up at rear of building. If family or nominated representatives request a particular item from room an earlier pick up will be arranged.

An information sheet will be shared with families when a resident begins end of life care.

Outgoing Correspondence

Regular notices and updates are shared with the family and representatives that have opted in to receive emails or letters. All notices that have been shared to date are also available to be downloaded below. If you would like to sign up to receive these notices or believe you should already be, please contact us via Reception on (03) 5132 3500 or email us at info@yallambee.com.au

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