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Update to Visitor Restrictions from 11:59PM 15 July 2021.

Latest Update on Visiting

Yallambee acknowledges that this is a very difficult time for many people in our community, and we will continue to support all our residents, families and staff during this challenging time.

Enhanced visitor restrictions

Enhanced restrictions are in place from 11:59pm 15 July until 11:59pm 20 July 2021 across all of Victoria. Visitors are not allowed to enter a residential aged care facility during this time period except in the circumstances below:

Visitors who meet the criteria below and wish to enter for compassionate reasons will be required to book in via our online booking system or reception phone – 51323500 and must be scheduled within our normal visiting hours, End of Life Care is exempt.

Exceptions to the care facilities visitor restriction are:

Excluded Persons

Staff and visitors should be prohibited from entering the aged care facility where the visitor has:

Any person who has visited the exposure sites as listed should be considered an excluded person as they would be required to quarantine. Excluded persons cannot enter the facility for any reason. This includes any persons visiting for any purpose (including end of life) unless they have a specific exemption granted by the Chief Health Officer pursuant to Clause 5(5) of the Care Facilities Directions.

Please refer to the coronavirus website for an up-to-date list of exposure sites and follow the instructions (for example, get tested and self-quarantine).

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