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Yallambee currently has two vacancies on our voluntary Board of Directors

9 June 2017




Yallambee is a not-for-profit community owned organisation, providing services that accommodate and support aged members of the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland community.

Yallambee’s facilities are conveniently located in the heart of Traralgon near popular amenities and advanced health facilities.

With 97 Independent Living Units and 104 beds in our Margery Cole residential aged care facility, Yallambee prides itself on providing individual choice, independence and quality of life.

The Board of Directors is committed to the provision of strong leadership with focus on fiscal and clinical governance to ensure Yallambee is well positioned to respond to the increasing demands within this growing and challenging sector.

Yallambee currently has two vacancies on our voluntary Board of Directors.

If you are interested in becoming part of a dynamic Board, sharing our vision and mission in making a difference in the lives of our residents, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Copy of Position Description below

Applications can be forwarded to:


Lorraine Bartling O.A.M.

Chairman of the Board

Yallambee Traralgon Village for the Aged Inc.

P.O Box 1659

Traralgon Vic  3844


Ph: 0407 180 238

Applications close 5pm Monday 10th July 2017.


Yallambee Board Director

Position Description

Vision:  Yallambee is a leader in quality aged care provision in Gippsland.


Mission: The Yallambee Mission is to research, design, develop and deliver an innovative and integrated range of high quality services to meet the needs of the aged in our community.



Yallambee is a not-for-profit community owned service supporting aged members of the Latrobe Valley community. With 97 Independent Living Units, and 104 beds in our Margery Cole residential aged care facility, Yallambee has been supporting Gippsland’s families for over 40 years.


Yallambee is conveniently located near popular amenities and advanced health facilities, in the heart of Traralgon.


Yallambee prides itself on providing individualised care promoting choice, independence and quality of life.


Yallambee Board of Directors


The Yallambee Board consists of 9 elected Directors. Board Meetings are convened face to face on a monthly basis in Traralgon. Attendance at other Committee meetings, networking and Yallambee marketing events will also be required.


Yallambee Board Directors provide vision and mission based leadership and strategic governance. Day to day operations are led by the Chief Executive Officer/Director of Care. The Board and CEO/DOC relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected. Under the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission Governance Standards a Board Director must;

–               act with reasonable care and diligence;

–               act honestly and in the best interests of the organisation and its charitable purposes;

–               disclose conflicts of interest;

–               ensure that the financial affairs of the charity are managed responsibly and not allow the organisation to operate if it is insolvent.


The Board of Directors are committed to the provision of quality care, a home-like environment, the protection and promotion of residents’ rights and to ensure continuous improvement in all areas of endeavour. As a community based organisation Yallambee seeks to engage the local community in the life and support of residents.


Directors are expected to conduct appropriate research before meetings and to acquaint

themselves fully with the issues confronting the board.

Preferred Qualifications   

–       A Tertiary qualification in a relevant discipline


Key Selection Criteria


While not mandatory the following Key Selection Criteria will be of interest to the Board Selection Committee.

–               Experience as a Board Director, with insight as to how Boards operate and govern organisations;

–               Completion of, or a commitment to, completing the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course

–               An understanding of the legal, corporate, financial and sectorial context of not-for-profit organisations;

–               Exposure to strategic planning and the ability to contribute to meetings and or workshops, planning/strategy days etc. (desirable);

–               Demonstrated service to the community;

–               Professional leadership experience in business, government, philanthropy or the not-for-profit sector;

–               Demonstrated ability to foster and maintain co-operative relationships with community groups and associations, and other service providers including those within the aged care sector

–               Exposure to policy development and policy management.

–               Demonstrated leadership and vision, and:

–               The highest standards of personal integrity and ethical standards, in line with those ethics outlined by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.



–               Board Directors must keep confidential all information pertaining to matters dealt with by the Board. This includes board meeting minutes, agendas, reports to the Board and associated documents, and information contained in those documents.

–               The obligation to maintain confidentiality continues to apply even after a person has left the Board.



Key Performance Indicators

  1. To ensure all Board Director work is completed to expectation the Board Directors will:


  1. a) Attend and participate in 70% of Yallambee Board Meetings on an annual basis
  2. b) Participate in at least one Committee of the Board and provide services to ad-hoc Committees as necessary
  3. c) Provide candid, reasoned and constructive criticism, advice and comments to the Chairman, other Board Directors and the Chief Executive Officer/Director of Care
  4. d) Assist the CEO/DOC and Chairman to identify and recruit potential Board Directors
  5. e) Undertake special assignments designated by the Chairman such as the mentorship of new Board Directors


  1. To successfully provide strategic governance to support the operation of Yallambee, Board Directors will:


  1. a) Consider and if deemed appropriate approve the annual Yallambee budget, audit reports and material business decisions, being informed of, and meeting all legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  2. b) Partner with the CEO/DOC and other Board Directors to ensure that Board resolutions are carried out
  3. c) Attend special events of Yallambee as personal commitments allow
  4. d) Ensure the organisation meets its legal compliance requirements through monitoring the corporate and clinical governance processes that are in place to review outcomes and measure organisational performance and effectiveness


  1. To be responsible for audit and legal compliance of Yallambee and co-operate fully with those persons appointed by the Board to provide financial management services to Yallambee. Board Directors will:


  1. a) Consider and if deemed appropriate, approve major actions such as capital expenditures, major changes to Yallambee programs or services
  2. b) Be familiar with the finances, budget, and finance/resources needed to ensure the viability of Yallambee
  3. c) Have a reasonable understanding of how Yallambee is funded and the changes that impact on the funding program
  4. d) Appoint the independent auditors
  5. e) Ensure that published reports properly reflect the operating results and the financial condition of Yallambee


  1. To ensure that risks are being managed appropriately and quality systems are in place the Board Directors will::
  2. a) Drive standards of excellence which include organisational cultures of staff competency and risk management strategies whilst maintaining the highest standard of fiduciary duty and responsibility to Yallambee
  3. b) Understand the Policies and Procedures of Yallambee, ensuring that they link to appropriate risk management strategies
  4. c) Ensure that Yallambee complies with the ongoing requirements for maintenance of Accreditation by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency under the Aged Care Act 1997.



  1. To ensure that future strategic planning objectives are in placethe Board Directors will:


  1. a) Participate in strategic planning processes to ensure the future direction of Yallambee remains viable and relevant to the vision and mission statements


  1. To maintain the public relations and image of Yallambee at all times all Board Directors will:


  1. a) At all times represent Yallambee in a responsible and ethical manner
  2. b) Help communicate and promote Yallambee’s mission and programs to the community



  1. To ensure appropriate oversight of Yallambee’s staff, remuneration and evaluation Board Directors will:


  1. a) Participate in the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer/Director of Care and the annual performance review of this position


  1. To maintain the highest standard or professional conduct Board Directors will:


  1. a) Demonstrate a high standard of personal conduct, respectful language, role model, change agent, professional exemplar and manner toward Yallambee’s customers, visitors, staff and fellow Board Directors
  2. b) Demonstrate a sound knowledge and exemplary practice of the Privacy, Dignity, Confidentiality and Code of Conduct policies
  3. c) Participate effectively in processes that resolve conflicting priorities within the Board and the organisation


  1. To meet the expectation that Board Directors will maintain an appropriate level of skills and knowledge during their tenure Directors will:


  1. a) Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional development by attending relevant conferences, external workshops, seminars etc to maintain the current knowledge of changes in the delivery of aged car services in their future and their impact on the management of Yallambee
  2. b) Develop and achieve annual training objectives in order to ensure individual skills and knowledge are updated in a timely manner
  3. c) Maintain knowledge and skills through completing relevant skills and knowledge competency assessments, participation in in-service and continuing education


Term of Appointment


The appointment to a Board Director position will generally be by contract for a three-year period. In the case of appointment to a casual vacancy the appointment will be for the remainder of the term. Directors may nominate for re-election at the end of any period of appointment save that the total period of appointment may not exceed nine years.







Board Director                  ……………………………Date………………………




Chairman of The Board    …………………………….Date………………………

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